Our Concept


A creative escape room

Arkanes is a live escape game, for one to five gamers. We offer to live an extraordinary adventure in which you will put in common your intelligence, your logic and your personnal skills as well as your team spirit.

The Game

You will have to escape in less than sixty minutes from a disused bunker, in a futuristic post apocalyptic universe concocted by two wicked brains. A deadly virus, a strange energy source, lights effects, a jester computer and a tired A.I …. Welcome to the bunker.

Gamemode : Terra Incognita

We offer an innovative optionnale game mode, Terra Incognita, in which you can, if you feel like it, share your adventure with other gamers, for an ultimate survival gaming experience. If you’re a single player, you have to choose this mode as you can not resolve the adventure by yourself.

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