Terra Incognita

Share the adventure with random strangers.

Want to meet new people?

You have the choice.

You can of course make your team in advance with some family, friends an/or coworkers.

But if your soul is adventurous, if you’re alone or in a small team, if you wish to share this moment with other people you don’t know, you can choose the option “Terra Incognita” during your reservation process, and the slot will automaticaly stay avalaible for other people to join you in your language, and of course under the limit of five total players.

This option is mandatory only if you’re a single player. In this case, you’ll have to add yourself to a volunteer Terra Incognita group, because the adventure can only be solved by several people.

Terra Incognita is the perfect choice if you want to make new accointances, test your abilities with random strangers and have an ultimate experience of a survival game mode,

More players, more fun !