The new Live Escape in Toulouse

Arkanes Escape Game - Toulouse
Nouvelle salle à découvrir chez Arkanes Live Escape Game de Toulouse !

Arkanes private investigations needs your help.

One mission, one hour.

The future depends on you.

Arkanes Escape Game - Toulouse

The Concept


Arkanes is a live escape game in the historic center of Toulouse, set for one to five gamers. We offer to live an extraordinary adventure in which you will use your intelligence, your logic, and your personnal skills as well as your team spirit.

The room


On december 30 of 2023, a biochemical attack ravaged the world. Five years later, signs of life have become sparce. Yet Arkanes just located a bizarre and unique source of energy.
We decided to send our best men on the field : YOU.


By phone +33 (0)7 83 83 43 64